Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs)

   MOU sets out opportunities for collaboration and positive academic engagement between universities to mutually benefit, without establishing a formal legal relationship between the two institutions. In other words, adopt the best practices it serves as a platform where there can be cooperation on new or existing academic programmes, development of joint research activities, staff exchange and student exchange programmes can be carried out to both institutions.

   There can be scope for exchange of students opting for higher studies like doctoral and post doctoral programs and exchange of information in the form of publications and journals and other results of teaching and research. This can be for any purpose which is viewed to be potentially beneficial. That also depends on the age of the institute, the agenda of the institute as well as the brand which in turn helps a student derive or grab on opportunities as and when they arise.

List of MOU’s

  • 1. Aurobindo Pharma, Hyderabad
  • 2. Lincoln university college, Malysia
  • 3. RA Chem Pharma Limited, Hyderabad
  • 4. Anu institute of Neuro & CardiacSciences, Vijayawada
  • 5. Risesharp Technologies Private Limited