Vission & Mission

Our Vision

To produce competent professionals with sufficient professional skills, knowledge and attitude which elate globe standards in Pharma Industry and Health care.


  • * To provide quality and value based education in Pharmaceutical sciences.
  • * To achieve positive patient health care outcomes.
  • * To produce innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • * To support health care and industrial needs.
  • * To become self sustained in Pharmacy education and Research.

Our Quality Policy

We strive to provide excellent pharmacy education along with practical and social exposure to the graduates through skilled and adequate professional resources to enhance their aptitude for Pharma industry and health care profession, through consistent improvements in the quality aspects such as drug expertise education with committed research; preparation of convenient dosage form and dispensing; drug monitoring and patient counseling; sustained learning and adopting high communication skills; leadership qualities and teamwork abilities which assure with confirmed placements.